May. 26th, 2012

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Me: Good! And I still can't say enough how much of a relief that is. Depression sucks and stability is a wonderful thing. I have more going on in the evenings than I'm used to right now -- sports teams and classes, oh my! -- so I sometimes go a while without touching my computer. Trying not to do that too much when I've got tags, though!

Helena Bertinelli: She's never been a loud pup, but I'm still enjoying her. She's got some stuff going on right now -- she's bummed that Catscratch is closed for the time being, but her archery class has started, and that's taking more of her time than she might have expected. Which reminds me, I want to do a slated post about that, see if anyone can donate a bow or two for the class. If all else fails, I can handwave her having made one or two.

Dammit, I just realized I never tagged into the dinosaur hunt. *facepalm*

EP: This weekend. I swear. Probably working on fletching arrows or otherwise prepping for her class.

Fear plot: In either June or July, she's going to get her item: a picture of herself and her parents from when she was a kid, taken shortly before they were killed. That will amp up her guilt about not having avenged their deaths the way she'd intended, something she's been trying to avoid thinking about. Her nightmares of Mandragora will get worse. At some point, possibly in July, she'll have her first all-out hallucination of him coming at her.

Future: Still planning on Chloe Armstrong from SGU, hopefully in July.


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