Mar. 29th, 2012

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State of me: Depression sucks. That's pretty much the status-quo in my life right now. Ups mean I am better about tagging. Downs mean I either can't think or am positive no one wants me to tag them. -.- So that's me right now.

Helena Bertinelli: She's pretty content with life right now, actually. Thank you to everyone who tagged into her archery EP -- that was fun! She's continuing to do what she's been doing: hunting, being a bouncer at Catscratch, and teaching Belle archery and stuff. I'd love to see her take on more students, actually, or have other young women to mentor. She's a big fan of chicks being able to take care of themselves.

Old west: No specific plans for her, hoping to tag around a bit.

Item: Probably not until summer, but she'll be getting a picture of herself and her parents from when she was little.

Fear plot: I'm doing a slow build for her. She hasn't all-out seen Mandragora yet; she mostly has a feeling of unease/jumpiness and has been thinking about her parents and her "failure" more often lately. She may get a few nightmares this month.

THREADS: Belle, Hannibal, Cissie, Steph (I'd love to see them get past the small-talk phase and for Helena to find out more about the other Huntress), any young-ish women who want a kickbutt mentor, other Catscratch workers or customers, and pretty much anyone at all. She needs to know more people!

Future: Given that I now have The City to play as well, I definitely won't be apping anyone new here for a few months at least. When I do, Chloe Armstrong from SGU is the most likely candidate. Girl is loud in my head. The only reason I haven't apped her yet is that I don't want to overload myself. (Yes, two pups counts as overloading myself. Yes, I know there are people with 13 pups. I have no idea how you people do it.)


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