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I should go to bed and stop writing this Roy/Cheshire (Young Justice) fic. I'm afraid if I stop I won't start again, though, and I'd really love to actually write a fic that gets posted eventually. I haven't done that in a while.
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Explanation and facts about Huntress are here.

So I also did this for Chloe Armstrong (SGU), in part because I've resumed obsessively thinking about her and Rush and in part because if ever manage to get to a point where I'm easily making reqs in TR, Chloe is a very strong candidate for my next app. Because it turns out I have a lot of thoughts about her. She's kinda loud in my head, in a way that I have to work on for Huntress. (Possibly helped by the fact that there are two seasons of episodes with Chloe and there are only a handful of episodes where Huntress even appeared, and she's different enough from her comics incarnations that I can't just pull things wholesale. But I digress.)

15 random facts about Chloe Armstrong )
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I've been trying to get my head into a writing and RPing mode again. To that end, I've done "random facts" about a couple of characters. "Random facts" just means I thought about the characters, their past and present, what makes them tick, wrote down something that came to me and elaborated on it as much as I felt like. Rinse, repeat, until you run out of steam. I may add to these later. Note that these are entirely my view of them -- what isn't textual canon you can assume is my own personal canon for the character. (Meaning if I'm RPing them, like I am Helena, these are some assumptions I'm making.)

11 random facts about Helena Bertinelli )

This is also a test of a) posting to DW from LogJam, and b) cross-posting from DW to LJ. Fingers crossed on all counts!


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