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I'm still trying to find a PB ("played by") for Artemis. I can get by pretty well with just using screencaps and other publicity stuff from Young Justice, but it'd be nice to have an actual human face, too. If only because that's what everyone else does.

After a while of poking through the "blonde" tag on Hollow Art (and I swear a lot of people don't know what "blonde" is), I came out with a few candidates.

First, here's Artemis: Artemis )

Next, the contenders: Possible faces for Artemis )

Which one works best for Artemis? Are any of them good enough? I can't make a poll on DW, sigh, because I don't have a paid account. So either give your opinion in comments or fill out the poll on my LJ. Either way, gimme! I need help.
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+ Mom's in town! She does proposal writing as an independent consultant, which means she winds up going all over to work with different clients. This is the first time she's come to my neck of the woods, though! She's actually working on a proposal for something related to the International Space Station. I find this very cool. Her hotel and work are literally minutes from my apartment and work. <3 How much I'll see her over the course of the next month remains to be seen -- her work schedules can be pretty crazy with these proposals, and obviously I've got my own stuff going, too. But we'll make time when we can! Yay, Mom!

- Got to work at 8:30 this morning -- at which point I remembered that we'd scheduled a team tag-up for 8 AM. SIGH. Then, by the time that's over and I've booted my computer, bought a soda, and finally check my email, there's one from my section manager asking me to meet with him at 9 AM. When I read that email, it was 9:10. *facepalm*

+ Did in fact meet with my section manager, and let him know a) things are going pretty well in my team, and b) that I'm interested in broadening my horizons beyond analysis. He was surprised and not sure how much he'd be able to help -- he doesn't have a lot of insight into non-analysis areas -- but said he'd ask around and suggested I do the same. He was surprised, too, when I said I was interested in section management, but at least now he knows that. (Before, I was hesitant to mention it to him because someone who is a section manager might find it silly that a little engineer wants that job, or so said my warped brain. My less-warped brain still wibbled a bit about it but told him anyway, so that's progress.)

+/- Had an appointment with my primary care doc, Dr M, about meds. I don't even know at this point. I'll probably post something more about that under my mental health filter.

- Dr M is closing her practice at the end of May. WOE. I didn't get a clear understanding of why --it didn't sound like "I've decided to retire" but more that life just moved in a way that means she needs to close it up. Regardless of why, I'm sad. I like her! She's been good for a lot of things, and man, finding someone new is never fun. She's got someone she's recommending and can transfer files to, but we'll see.

+ Kickball game tonight! YAY! It's my first chance to play with the team -- I missed our one practice because I was in Yuma and missed the first game because I was sick. Since then, we've had spring break and a bye week. I'm eager to get playing! *bounce*

+ Speaking of eager to get playing: My City app for Artemis was approved! Less than a day after I submitted it! *gleeeee* I definitely squeed and clapped and bounced in my car when I read the email. I'm amazed to get an answer back that fast! <3 Yaaaaay new game and new character to play with! I suspect my post-kickball time tonight will be spent playing on the wiki and stuff. Yay!
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Can anyone beta a City (new RP) app for me? It's for Artemis Crock of Young Justice. The app format and requirements are just like TR's, for what it's worth.

I'm about to go shopping and then once I'm home I want to do another pass over the app myself, but if I could send it to people this afternoon/evening/night, that'd be awesome. Pleeeaasse?

ETA: Never mind! I just sent it in. :D


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