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State of me: fairly sucky, with the rare patch of sunshine. I'm fighting the good fight against depression and anxiety, but right now it's anyone's guess as to who will win. I went on an unannounced, unplanned hiatus for a couple months because I couldn't even think, much less be creative, much less be socially creative. I'm feeling a little more human now and have started tagging a bit, so I'm counting that as a huge win.

That said, I could use some help. I'm still very new to this kind of RP, and I just can't find my footing. I get the in-game stuff, but when it comes to the behind the scenes plotting and communication, I'm totally at a loss. I don't know when I should or could email someone, so I... generally don't. (Hi, social anxiety!) I don't know the etiquette or unwritten rules or anything. I could really, really use some tips or, I don't know, an "Online RP for Dummies" book (or website, more likely). Help a girl out?

State of the Pup

Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress: Pretty good, actually. She's still working as a bouncer at the Catscratch Club, and spends the rest of her time mostly avoiding anyone she knows is from Gotham. (She doesn't actually know Batman's real identity -- in her canon, it's a good assumption that only the original League members knew -- so all she knows is that Bruce Wayne is here and he has some associates, and she prefers to keep her distance.) She had a good Mardi Gras and quite probably got laid (there's an email I need to send and a thread I need to tag). She hasn't given anything up for Lent, but she's growing contemplative in the Lenten season; she'll be spending some time at the church.

Oh, and she's teaching Belle archery, I think. (Another email to send!)

Fear plot: Oh yes. She hasn't really dealt at all with the fact that she faced Stephen Mandragora and didn't kill him, so he'll be haunting her from now until Halloween. It'll just be glimpses at first, a flash of white in the woods, an ominous footstep outside her door, a flash of that evil, gleaming smile... When the time comes, she'll need some help subduing the huge albino bastard, and then she'll get to decide if this time she kills him or not.


If I ever manage to consistently make reqs with Helena, it'll be interesting to see who's loud enough to be my next pup: Chloe Armstrong of SGU or Kaylin Neya of Michelle Sagara's Chronicles of Elantra. Both are awesome and loud in my head; Chloe's typically louder but Kaylin may be more suited for the island. (In terms of how much it will traumatize her and what I can do with her, like joining the IPD, rather than being suited for living on an island, given she's spent her entire life in a city.) Both of them will show up in PotF, though possibly not this month, depending on how work is going next week.
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